Products Offered by DP & Ko:

Antistatic Packaging Solutions:

Specialized cardboard packaging designed to protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge, dust, and moisture.

Industry-Specific Packaging:

  • Food Industry: Custom cardboard packaging solutions for food products, ensuring safety and freshness.

  • Furniture Industry: Sturdy and reliable packaging options tailored for furniture transportation and storage.

Customizable Solutions:

  • Tailored cardboard packaging options adaptable to meet specific client requirements.

closeup photo of white box
closeup photo of white box

Antistatic Packaging Solutions

Safeguarding sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge (ESD), antistatic packaging uses specialized materials to prevent static buildup. Designed to dissipate charges, it shields devices during storage and transit, ensuring protection against dust and moisture. Ideal for electronics and sensitive components, these solutions maintain device integrity and functionality.

FEFCO Catalogue Guide:

Explore our packaging solutions using the FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) catalogue as your reference. This comprehensive guide assists in selecting the ideal box design tailored to your specific needs. Our offerings align with FEFCO standards, ensuring a diverse range of standardized designs and customizable options. Utilize the FEFCO catalogue to easily navigate and choose the perfect box design from our extensive lineup, crafted to meet your packaging requirements with precision and reliability.

Pizza boxes

Our standard pizza boxes are crafted with precision and care to preserve the freshness and flavor of your delicious pizzas. Made from sturdy and eco-friendly materials, these boxes boast a secure design that ensures safe transportation without compromising on taste. Featuring a convenient and easy-to-use structure, our standard pizza boxes offer reliability and convenience for both delivery services and customers alike.

brown bread in brown box
brown bread in brown box

Cardboard sheets

Explore our durable cardboard sheets, crafted with premium materials to provide sturdy support for various packaging needs. These versatile sheets offer reliability and strength, ideal for protecting items during shipping or serving as a sturdy base for packaging solutions.

brown printer paper
brown printer paper

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